The Courseware Heapsort-SALA 3.4

Data structure Heapsort

This courseware teaches the sorting algorithm heapsort. Sorting algorithms are part of "algorithm and data structures" in computer science education.

Author (text, applet design): Nils Faltin
Applet programming: Tobias Gross


Audience Computer science students in their first year. Most parts also suited for pupils.

The courseware can be run in a regular web browser.

  • Online: over the Internet
  • Offline: by first downloading and installing it
Suitable for private study
  • Tutorial part with text, figures and interactive exercises (Java applets)
  • Exercises with solutions for applying and testing the knowledge
Special learning concept
  • Modularity: The algorithm was splitted into several small functions that can be understood independently. They are described with interface and implementation.
  • Exploratory learning:Initially it is your task to find out the steps of the algorithm functions. To support you with this exploratory learning the courseware has interactive exercises (Java applets) with simulations.

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